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About Confident Girl Mentoring 

Since 2016, Confident Girl Mentoring has strived to fulfill its mission.  ​CGMp has gained recognition in the mentoring community and is a registered agency in the New York State Trauma Informed Network and an active member of the National Mentoring Connector, a unifying champion for expanding quality youth mentoring relationships in the United States.


The organization provides inclusive and culturally relevant programs that help nurture and elevate youth voices. We improve the generational growth of girls ages 7-19 by providing healing and impactful services to thousands of youth in historically marginalized communities. We advance the mission through its five-point evidence-based mentoring system that raises awareness about the effects of trauma on mental health and yields youth confidence and self-esteem to cultivate a healthier society.

Our Goals

Improve the self-efficacy of girls by 10% and spread empathy
through education

Increase advocacy efforts to eradadicate period poverty and period stigma

Help more children and teens graduate from high school

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