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Our Team

At Confident Girl Mentoring, we take a whole-child approach.  Our staff is Certified in Youth Mental Health First Aid and Restorative Circle Practices. We create a culture centered around family values and trauma-informed practices that improve self-esteem and confidence, family and community engagement, and improved long-term health outcomes.  We embrace organizational  diversity as a core value.

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Introducing Tiffany Lewis, the Founder and President of the Confident Girl Mentoring Program, Inc. She is a mentor, servant leader, educator, and coach who draws from her personal experiences to inspire others and equip them with the tools they need to stay true to themselves. Tiffany's ultimate goal is to help the next generation of leaders heal, inspire, and connect with others. She is passionate about empowering young women to take charge of their lives and has created programs that have transformed thousands of young black and brown girls into leaders, champions, and change agents in their communities. In fact, Tiffany initiated National Youth Confidence Day, celebrated every October 20th. Tiffany is currently pursuing a degree in Organizational Management from Houghton University and holds a degree in Private Investigations from Ashworth College. She is a Childhood Trauma and Adversity Instructor and has also earned several certifications in Restorative Practice Circles, and Parent Engagement in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Tiffany has been awarded numerous accolades and honors for her work, including a Congressional Record for her advocacy in youth development. Tiffany's leadership qualities are highly esteemed, as evidenced by her marketing and wellness programs designed for Fortune 500 companies and her position as the Advisory Board Chairwoman for the Erie County Commission on the Status of Women. According to Tiffany, "Your plan will lead you to your purpose, and your purpose will drive you to your destiny." She firmly believes that with a vision, anything is achievable. Tiffany is an unstoppable force, and her work in youth advocacy is truly remarkable.


Nasiyah T., Deputy Director of Confident Girl Mentoring. At a young age, Nasiyah had a passion for speaking. At age six, she used her voice to advocate at the Women's March in Buffalo, NY. She later attended a panel discussion with distinguished professors on tobacco laws and raised a point on how others can show empathy in marginalized communities. Nasiyah is an E3 Menstrual Health Equity Ambassador, advocating for reproductive rights. When she is not studying, she is practicing her jump rope skills, spending time with family, or creating TikTok videos.

Our Volunteers

Our dedicated volunteer champions are leading the charge. Their dedication to community, family, and education assists in providing the best care for our participants. Their diverse background and leadership skills are what drive the organization to success!



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