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Confident Girl Mentoring Staff is Certified in Youth Mental Health First Aid

2/16/23, 5:00 AM

With the increase of community violence, Tiffany Lewis, Founder and President of Confident Girl Mentoring, felt it was important for her staff to become certified as Youth Mental Health First Aiders. The training will reach a population that can sometimes be overlooked. At Confident Girl Mentoring, we understand the toll trauma-inducing events and environments can have on youth development. We acknowledge the hardships you people face and work hard to give them a place of healing so they can step forward into a brighter future.

“The focus of mental health training has primarily been for adults. We want to change our outlook and put the focus on youth,” said Tiffany Lewis, Founder & President. The uniqueness of the certification is that the certified youth are as young as twenty years old. It is important to get Gen-Zers certified, as young people are increasingly talking and turning to their peers for support.

Our goal is to provide additional training and support healing intention while granting children a safe and trusted space to be open about their mental health.

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